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We think out of the box to create bespoke events & luxurious celebrations

Pooja Singh Chauhan


The Co-Founder & Director of Blissful Plans, Pooja is a thorough planner and a people’s person. She loves to conceptualize and design the most aesthetically pleasing and joyous events. Detail-oriented, dedicated, and committed to her craft, Pooja loves to add magic to every event she designs. She spends most of her time conceptualising, organising events, strategising themes and aesthetic plans while working with professionals across the world.

She stepped foot into the world of events when people looked up to her for strategizing and hosting corporate events perfect to a T. When she realised her knack for hosting and conceptualising the biggest and most momentous occasions of people’s lives,  Blissful Plans commenced.  Today Blissful Plans proudly announces its successful foray into the media vertical succeeded by the growth of the event vertical.

With the aim of producing top-class aesthetic events for the most joyous celebrations of her clients’ lives, Blissful Plans today bustles with professionals committed to their creativity-filled event & media ambitions.

Neraj Chauhan


The Co-Founder and Director of Blissful Plans Events and Media Private Limited, and has helped the company climb the ladder of success. Exceptionally detail-oriented, artistic and creative, Neraj has overseen and coached several professional planners and designers to deliver events tailored for the target audience. With direct management, control of personnel and networks under him, Neraj is dedicated towards maintaining the originality and high quality of events. With a commitment to absolute luxury and fulfilment of his clients’ dreams, he always delivers the finest.

Moreover, he directly administers and ensures the proper nurturing of media vertical that handles a wide array of campaigns and digital media professionals of Blissful Plans.

His patience & creative acumen helps him handle various digital & social media campaigns, content creation, SEO & SMO services, ADA web services, exclusive NFT artwork creation and much more.  Neraj appreciates the fulfilment he achieves from the success of each of his creative campaigns.

Our co-founder couple take pride in curating the best experience for their clients while giving them real value and utmost satisfaction with each experience.

About Us: Our Mission & Vision

Blissful Plans is home to industry professionals and designers who sprinkle exceptional creativity onto every celebration they undertake. From the media vertical to the event space, Blissful Plans is home to creative professionals who love their ambitions.

With the busiest and most successful clients, who cannot expend their time and effort into planning the minutest of details, our aim is to use every trick up our sleeves and deliver magnificence with each occasion. As an event planning and design production, we strive to take the beginnings and turn them into comprehensively planned and designed artistic celebrations. 

From destination weddings, social events and parties, public concerts, live events to large-scale gatherings, our vision is to turn your biggest dreams into reality. At Blissful Plans, we take on personalised storytelling coupled with ingenious celebratory events and turn them into the most magnificent affairs. 

We welcome you to become a part of our story.


With the onset of Blissful Plans, our team aspired to fulfill our clients’ dreams. To do so, in today’s times, was largely about establishing an online presence. However, like many business owners, we realized that this was a field largely unexplored, and several small enterprises didn’t have the time & expertise for creating a digital strategy, establishing brand identity via social media, or managing their online presence.

Thus, we embarked on a journey to provide ease to our clients in getting their footprints in the world of digital and social media. We painstakingly created a team full of enthusiastic and helpful employees for our media vertical.

Our team, with a deep understanding of complex algorithms, marketing and designing strategies, helps in establishing and maintaining brand identities online, strengthening brands’ digital footprint and online performance for their social media success. 

Our Team of Media Strategists & Creators

With today’s ever-changing and competitive world, we need disruptive branding techniques to launch new products or rebrand the existing ones. To do this, we’ve put together a talented team with a background and expertise in design, media planning, social media & branding.

We use various social channels to broadcast your message and help build brands with conventional and social media platforms. From designing brand logos, conceptualising media plans to hosting launch events, we do everything for brands’ success. 

Our Team of Wedding/Event Planners & Designers

We have a great taste for luxury & hospitality and this reflects in each wedding’s design and plan. 

Our highly trained team of wedding designers manage every aspect of your big day, starting with the budgeting & selection of your dream destination, the best venue, and styling your wedding with your chosen floral designs and decor. 

We have empaneled the best food & catering companies in the world to give you a vast range of international and domestic cuisine to choose from. 

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