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Why is social media marketing & management so important for all the companies even the start-ups in Gurgaon or anywhere else in the world?  

Well, the world is now digitally connected. Billions of people use social media and many companies have tapped into its potential for gaining customers and a devoted audience. This is why it’s extremely crucial to have a social media presence in order to ensure a flourishing and successful business. The desired targets can be achieved at a minimal cost by executing strategies tailored for sculpting the reputation of your brand as per your vision. It’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon for social media marketing and gain an edge over your competitors. Social media can help connect you with millions of people scrolling through their phones, looking for the best services. 

How will you reach out to them without having a digital presence? Yes, Social Media marketing & management is the answer!

We are aware that social media and digital marketing can be a tough job. Especially when you have no past experience, skilled employees or enough time to deviate from your company’s vision. 

Thus, at Blissful Plans Events & Media Pvt Ltd, we cater to your marketing needs- on a digital platform and we are undoubtedly the best social media marketing & management agency in Gurgaon.  Our team is exceptionally skilled when it comes to catering to services of companies and generating a positive response from their target audience. It is time for you to leave your hassles behind and trust us with running successful digital campaigns as per our well-devised strategies. Our focus is on growing your brand as how you initially envisioned it for success.  

Our Social Media Stratergies Are Not Just Posting


Analysis of the account with modern tools.


Robust plan as per the business goal.


Create content/ Posts with information or captions to captivate.


Evaluation of the content is importanta to improvise performance.


Result driven approach is always a success for any project.

What Do We Do in Social Media Marketing & Management?

Raise your profile

Increase traffic to your website

Create engaging content

Drive sales and enquiries

Turn followers into real customers

Tell your company stories

social media marketing & management agency in Gurgaon

Various Social Media Platforms

Different kinds of social media platforms have different kinds of users. It is important to curate your content based on the context of that particular social media platform. That is to say, what works on one platform might not necessarily conform to the needs of others. This is where social media management comes in. We provide you, expertly created content that will work wonders in your business reach statistics. 

Our team is well versed in social media management and we have promoting and handling Instagram, Facebook and other platforms for our reputed clients.We’ll not only handle your brand’s social media but will also grow your brand as per your desired vision and increase the follower count, post interaction and engagement with the brand itself. Content creation and calender-scheduled posting is also our responsibility, which we are quite particular with, thus taking complete care of your digital branding needs. We work on various social media platforms. When we take up these platforms we carefully put our attention to all aspects required for the client’s business. The social media platform we work on:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin   

  • Youtube

  • Pinterest 

social media marketing & management agency in Gurgaon

Facebook Page Management

Facebook a social networking website which every age group is connected to. It’s basic purpose is to maintain personal connections with friends and families. However, apart from posting pictures and updating status, facebook is one of the most important website if you want to expand your brand reach. Moreover, to help such small local companies, it offers you some of the most targeted and affordable advertising available. The most important thing that we keep in mind for curating content for facebook users is that it conforms with the familial atmosphere. This implies that the posts should not be solely about selling. Instead it should focus building relationships with their customer and in turn increasing lead generation. The platform is best suited for consumer based relationships.

We try to make the best use of SEO that Facebook provides. Other perks include more reviews and a wide user base. Business accounts on Facebook are enhanced through Facebook groups, Facebook ads, influencers, returning engagement, creating custom videos and graphics, Facebook stories, Facebook Jobs, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Insights. Facebook ads are really effective. They pinpoint those who fall into your buyer demographics by using social graph and activities. Hence you save your advertising budget by ruling out those who aren’t interested in the product.

Instagram Account Management

Instagram is a visual social media platform where you van post anything from an image to videos or short videos. Hence it works best for visual businesses and demographic consumer based businesses. Instagram can easily be used for resource intensive works but there are ways to streamline the content creation. Some of the instagram features that can really effect your consumer reach include Instagram stories, Instagram ads, hashtag research, tagging influencers, creating custom graphics and videos, returning on engagement, Instagram selling, Instagram analytics.

We make use of content strategy that helps achieve goals while making the profile richly aesthetic at the same time. Working on how the content on instagram will help achieve your goals is where you can start. 
E-commerce businesses generally use shoppable content. Tagging your products, dispalying it in use, or connecting with influencers, generally help increase sales. Other thing that you can achieve through Instagram is brand awareness, brand announcements, tutoriala, standard pictures of products and services and more. We try to bring this all together in a way that is satisfying to the audience and caters to your needs.

Linkedin Profile Management

LinkedIn is the world’s largest community of professionals. Millions of people come together on LinkedIn to make business more productive and successful. The basic way to reach out to people on this platform is for you to establish a professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name. It is best for B2B business, lead generation and relationship building.

As we know, LinkedIn houses job experiences of people and professional thoughts. We can use this for our advantage for those in B2B. Features on LinkedIn could really come in handy for lead generation. Some of these include LinkedIn Pulse, Company Pages, InMail, Groups, and “Get Introduced” and the ability to see who’s viewed your personal profile. We use them for driving traffic, establishing thought leadership and also for recruiting.LinkedIn Groups are the main source of increasing business reach. As we know that conversations here are rare, you can connect with people through groups. People from the same industry will engage in conversations with you and will in turn be useful in displaying your expertise in the field.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is basically a superficial platforms, where your pictures should be extremely striking and enticing for users to click on them. This social media pkatform is extremely popular with clothing and food brands including those in e-Commerce. One of the mosy important thing to keep in mind while posting on Pinterest is thay you make sure that the pictures link back to a related blog or page on your website. Because, when peopleclick on the photo they want to read more related to the image. 

The next thing we do is to organizing these posts by dividing them into boards. Each board should reflect a category. This is the most meticulous task of all. Make sure to make everything simple and eye-catching at the same time. We also use keywords to optimise the caption. Since Pinterest cannot crawl images, tgis is the only means for your inage to show up in the word search. We also use the new tool called business analytics that Pinterest added recently. This helps braands to track which pins are working and which are not. Once we figure out what the audience wants, we use it to make future posts related to it.


Twitter Account Management

Twitter is mainly used for sharing quick pieces of information, photos and updates. The main motive lies in driving users to get back to your site or landing pages. If you use the number of characters provided to you sensibly, it will be really helpful in reaching out to more and more people. As said above, your tweets should be attention-grabbing. It should be interesting enough that people stop scrolling to take a look at your business account. 

So we make sure, that each tweet you write down, is there to increase your following. The easiest way to do this is by using quotes, statistics, or questions related to the link you’re tweeting as a way to people wanting to read more. Using photos, polls, GIFs is the cherry on top of the cake. Although, it is really important to not just build traffic but also to build relationship with your followers. We do this by encouraging conversation with your followers, responding to questions, mentions and direct messages. 

Twitter is one of the most important platforms for customer service. The tool that we specialise in on Twitter is the utilisation of Hashtags(#). These allow your profile to reach a wide range of audience interested in what you have to offer. If someone is looking for a particular information and search for it using hashtag, and your tweet/profile pops up, they are sure to come to know about you. Hence it is important to use the right ones!


Youtube Channel Management

One of Google’s social media platforms, YouTube is the best source of entertainment and information on internet. With myriad of people watching millions of hours of videos here, you can take advantage of it easily. Moreover the fact that Google gives high priority to YouTube in its search results, eorks in our favour too. To start with, we create a  channel for the brand on thus platform. Then we move on to creating some interesting videos. These should be engaging enough yo hold the attention of the viwer. Creating playlists and prompt discussions are the key to making your YouTube channel popular among your audience. 

As YouTube is a video sharing platform, it is more important to focus on the video than the text. Therefore, we keep in mind that the video quality is top-notch. The audio should be clear and should be filmed by someone professional. It is really important that the audience understands what you are trying to convey. In order to increase the viewers count on your video make sure that there’s a puspose and value to what you’re uploading and sharing. YouTube can also be used to upload webinars and important topics of discussion for your company. Using it as a means of education will increase the brand awareness for your industry and your line of work. We make use of content strategy that helps achieve goals while making the profile richly aesthetic at the same time. 



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